News and Information about Woking town and the towns villages in the surrounding area.

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© Robin Castle


© Robin Castle

The Woking Local contains lists, links information and photos. The idea is to bring together all the information you might need to live in, work in or visit Woking and the area around it.

It is about Woking & the town & vilages around Woking (more or less the GU postcode area). We aim to suport local Sports, Comunitys & Business by providing local information.

We have loads of links & feeds that open pages that belong to other sites & organisations. Thease will open in a new window that has nothing to do with us.

The Woking Local page that contained the link will stay open, so you can close the external page once you have finished and continue to use our pages.

We want any information, photos, video,audio etc that you want to send in. You can send emal to .

We will not add information that we judge may cause offence to anyone & we may decide not to publish promotion of commercial companies or organisations if we don't consider it newsworthy or that may put us on the wrong side of the law. On the other hand, we may chose to include material because it is in the public interest. Send it in and we will make a judgment.